Traveling in Prague, Czech Republic


We set out to concur Prague in 3 days…and we did just that. One of the best things about traveling in Europe is the public transportation¬†systems. My daughter really enjoys the trolley system and Prague had a great one. You can literally hop on and go all over the city with little wait time, and the best part is they are clean. I enjoyed the architecture of the buildings, especially the doors!! I do have a love of snapping photos of every great door I see which my family has now started yelling “DOOR” each time we walk by one.

We took a hike up to “mini Eiffel tower” or the Petrin Tower as is it actually named. There were over 300 stairs to reach the top but the views at the top were spectacular of the city and of the Charles Bridge.

The city of Prague is beautiful to just walk through and of course finding a Starbucks just brightened our day!!

As we roamed the city we stumbled onto this park with gardens, reflecting ponds, a museum, and an outdoor seating area by the Senate Hall.

There seems to be a gorgeous church or 10 in every city we go to and Prague did not fail in that department.

Next, we decided to go out on a boat and get a view of the city by ship. We learned a lot about the city from the tour guide, especially regarding the Charles Bridge.

The photo of the crooked house above is the Dancing House, polish architect created this building which is really unique.

Prague was a fun time…we visited in the middle of summer which was a great warm time to go as we are not much on winter. But with that said our hotel had no a/c, Europe is known for not always having a/c in rooms. We did however have our own fan, very important.


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