Pensacola, Florida | A Quick snap of the camera | Family

Being the child of a photographer I am sure is not much fun.  I remember the days of my childhood, and when I saw my parents come at me with a camera the first thing I did was put the hand in front of the face and run away screaming “STOP”.  The irony that I became that crazy person behind the lens makes me laugh. So in true photographic parental fashion, I am always armed with my Nikon in the car just in case we run across those, “OMG I have to stop and grab a quick photo” moments in time.

Well, we had one of those moments just this past weekends in Pensacola.  My middle son had a few soccer games out that way and I had heard there were some prime locations to check out.  I of course brought changes of clothes for the kiddos and as soon as the games were over we headed to find some of these locations.  Below are just a few of the photos, as I was told by my children to “hurry up”, “I’m starving”, and my favorite “don’t you have enough photos already”.

Anytime anyone would like to schedule a time to head over to Pensacola, I am game!!

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