Beach Kids | Seaside Beach Florida

I absolutely {love} the beach and I would spend everyday enjoying the crystal clear water of the emerald coast if it wasn’t for the fact that my children do not share my {love} of the beach.  How could this possibly be??????  I grew up in Florida and spent many, many days enjoying the Gulf of Mexico but my children have lived all over the world and do not share my need for the sunshine and tranquil relaxed life.  They do not like the sand, the heat, or feeling sticky from the saltwater.  UUGGHHH, I’m slowly working on them:)) So in true Floridian style (and vacationers alike) I drug my children out at sundown to capture some memories.

By this time in the photo shoot they all had enough, and each of them were goofing off. I {LOVE} my children and I will treasure these memories for a lifetime.

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