Our travel journey begins…..

I decided to blog all of our travel adventures under the gallery tab “The Stach Travels” for all our friends and family in the states. You all can keep up with what we are doing, seeing and exploring on here.

This PCS tour has been a long time coming. We have know for the last 9 months that we were moving to Germany and there has been a ton of preparing to do. So we were all very excited to finally begin the journey…..plus all the traveling we have planned is too exciting:)

Our 2 days of flying began in Tampa Florida where we had some tearful goodbyes with all our family. We had a wonderful holiday time visiting with them all and we look forward to the visitors!!!  Day 1 was filled with 1st class flights to Atlanta and then Baltimore. The kids are never going to want to fly coach again…they treat you good up front:) We landed in Baltimore – all 5 of us, 9 bags of luggage, 2 dogs and their crates. It was an experience in logistical planning to figure out all the how to’s with all our crew. Day 2 was a lllloooonnnngggg day….7 hours at BWI AMC terminal. Yes thats right 7 HOURS!!! The military’s moto “hurry up and wait”. We waisted many, many hours carting around the dogs in their crates on a flat cart while trying to keep the “im bored” to a minimum. Its hard with teenagers and 1 almost teenager, they get bored at the drop of a hat. Well, we made it on the plane and 8 hours later, hardly an sleep and electrical failure problems we made it to Ramstein AFB Germany. We were greeted by a crowd of Shawn’s co-workers, all were super nice and helped us get all our luggage and dogs into 4 cars and drove us to get some food. They urged us to stay awake as long as possible. That lasted till about 6:00pm Germany time and lights out. It took about 1 1/2 weeks till we felt better with the time change,plus its grey and snowy. Those two things make you want to cuddle in bed longer.

Below are photos we all took on our iphones at the many airports we visited along the way here.


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