One week down, lots of new things and a ton of snow.

In a week and a half we have found a place to rent (which is AWESOME btw…but wont be ready until march), bought a car, I got a license to drive it, finally feel like we are changed to German time, and figured out how to drive in all these crazy round-abouts. I photographed a few of the interesting items that are true to living here below…..toilet flushing buttons, huge light switches, 220 outlets and converters for all of our 110 electronics, floor radiators which get super hot quickly, the great tall heating bars in the bathroom which are fabulous for hanging your towel on before you take a shower, it warms it up quick and feels awesome, and so many more but I have not had the chance to capture them…..yet.

Above is the front and back of our current “home” , well for the next few weeks anyways. The dog park is directly behind our TLF we are staying at….that has been a huge blessing. The dogs enjoy staring out the balcony window and barking at all the dogs down there:) We have meet some doggie friends, well Mia has Chase is not much for dogs but she has been very friendly with the people. Notice how cold Shawn looks in the photo, yes it is that cold and we are missing that Florida heat!!!!

The winter does make for any incredible backdrop I have to say. I am looking forward to seeing all there is to find in Germany and all the surrounding countries. Eventually, I will start photographing clients again when I get all my licensing in order but for the time being my camera and I will travel Europe on a quest to find beauty.

Here is our Volvo we purchase, 3 rows and heated seats….thats all I really needed in a vehicle.

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