The largest wine barrel for lunch……a stroll through Heidelberg…and a castle. All in a day in Germany

Today we decided to venture out of the TLF and find some great spots to see. We headed to the wine valley area and Im very excited for summer to try all the wine. We then made our way over to Bad Durkheim for lunch in the largest wine barrel…yes we actually had lunch in a barrel at Durkheimer Riesenfass. It was our first true German meal and we had thumbs up from all!!!

We ventured over to Heidelberg, which is one of nicest villages I have seen yet. It has quaint streets lined with traditional homes. The views from up the mountain were breath-taking to say the least. Heidelberg also had a great mall (love me some shopping) I will go back minus the family to shop:)

Up the mountain we found a beautiful castle, Schloss Heidelberg. This was our first in Im sure a long list of castle stops and I have to say it was BEAUTIFUL even in the freezing temps. Every side we turned to was just more historical beauty. I of course loved it all and so did Shawn, the kids…..they were ready to get out of the cold temps pretty quickly.

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