Fasching Parade |Ramstein Germany

The kids and I ventured out in the 20 degree weather to watch a “Fasching “parade. I was unsure what fasching was so I asked someone who knows a ton of info, my nail tech. She said it was basically the equivalent to american Mardi Gras, but cleaner. The festivities began in November and they run until the tuesday before ash wednesday. They finish off the festivities with parades followed by a night full of drinking. Then wednesday beings the eating of the herring. ¬†She told me they eat fish because they drink so much and its a great hang-over remedy:)

We managed to stay out in the cold for about an hour before the frozen fingers and red cheeks took over us. The kids grabbed candy and saw some interesting people. The only words we understood from the German’s yelling “Hallo”.

The police drive some nice cars around here, rollin in a mercedes.

The roller girls came up and gave me a “come join the roller derby girls”, I guess I look like a tough roller girl:)

The US Air Force representing at the German parade.

They really love Star Wars over here.

My kids freezing their butts off….

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