Mykonos & Kefalonia Greece

Our days in Greece were gorgeous….I could have snapped a hundred more photos of the white homes with blue shutters and doors but my family could only handle so much:) This excursion was all about relaxing by the water and enjoying the town. We explored Mykonos village, getting lost in all the small narrow walk paths, which I must say is the best way to see any area. Drop the map and go.

A little gelato break in the mist of a hot day of touring. We were on the hunt for the perfect swimming spot but first a stop at the beautiful windmills.

Photo above …..This is the beach we ended up swimming at. The water was cold but yes it truly was that blue and green and GORGEOUS!!!!

Only issue we had as seen in above photos….. Cody stepped on a sea urchin and I had to pull out 7 or so barbs out of his foot. Well, at least he has a killer story of the time he was swimming in the ocean in Greece. lol

We toured a monastery, no photos allowed indoors. Beautiful and very peaceful.  

This was truly unique. We hiked down into a cave were we rode in a row boat out into a blue lagoon were a sinkhole had fell many years earlier to reveal this hidden spring. 

Iphone pics we took….a true Greek salad in Greece was a must.

This photo is of Mirtos on Kefalonia I took as we overlooked  one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

We had a wonderful trip to Greece and would go back again.

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