London Girls Trip | Via iPhone

I’m finally getting to around to posting photos from our girls trip to London from back in October 2013.  This was a fabulous trip filled with great company, a wonderful Mama Mia show, an awesome tour guide (thanks Jamie, you made cruising the Metro and the streets of London feel so easy), and I was truly blown away with the shopping and awesome food of London!!!!!!! Not to mention the people were so sweet and they spoke ENGLISH!!! When you live in a country where you never understand the signs or the people, hearing english is a blessing.

The only bummer on this whole trip was the fact that I did not bring my camera, can you believe I did not bring it!!! Huh….I was so bummed walking down every road, in front of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and countless other sights thinking….”I’m a photographer and I didn’t bring my camera”!  But I had reason, we flew Ryan Air (1st experience flying with that death trap I mean airline) and they have serious bag limitations. I had a hard enough time packing light…..There was no way I was going to fit my big camera and lens in there.  Thanks ladies for listening to me whine about missing my camera…sorry:))

London has been one of my favorite cites thus far in our travels in Europe, and I have plans to take my family there this year. Next time I will take the big camera:))))


So all these photos are iPhone fantastic~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Look kids Big Ben!!!

Yep, I did get in a red phone booth. 

Westminster Abbey…..Prince William And Kate were married here….OMG!!!

Buckingham Palace. Changing of the guard, this was an awesome experience to witness.

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