Awesome Amsterdam

What an incredible time we had in Amsterdam…..Shawn and I had a little mini vacation just the 2 of us to explore, get lost, and just absorb Amsterdam together. What a beautiful city it is. 

Bikes really are everywhere in Amsterdam, we almost got ran over multiple times by bikers.

Yes, that’s a marijuana shop in that photo above:) I didn’t post the iPhone photo I took of the red light district. That was a eye opening experience for me. I really didn’t think there would be women in windows half naked ALL over the place, I mean you walk over a beautiful bridge, leading to a quaint street with nice stores and BAM there is red lights with women flaunting there goods in the windows. CRAZY!! No wonder my husband enjoyed this trip so much:)  

This is a typical look, Shawn staring at a map, us lost, usually me staring at my phone map, us getting all flustered because we don’t know the language. But this time we just kinda went with the flow. We are learning!!

We walked long and far to find the Iamsterdam sign and so did every other tourist!! But it was a fabulous trip. We will head back when the tulips are in full bloom to catch them and show the kids for sure.

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