My {B} turns 14!!!


My baby girl is growing up took fast:( She is such a beauty and smart as ever. I love her spirit and her spunk, it makes her truly unique. Stay that way always sweet baby of mine.

We took my dad on a day trip to visit the Heidelberg castle and what a great backdrop for her 14th birthday photos.  We waited a few weeks after her actual birthday due to the neon orange cast she had on….well worth the wait.

Love you always baby girl!!!

The {W} Family | Germany


What a great location and family I had the pleasure of photographing. These kiddos have the best personalities and it all comes out in the photos. I am honored to have captured their photos to take with them on their next adventure.

The {D} Family | Landstuhl Castle | Germany


I meet this great family on a beautiful morning and headed up to Landstuhl castle for a great photo session.  I enjoyed getting to know them and creating memories for them to remember their time here in Germany.

Mr. {C} Graduate of RHS 2015 | Ramstein Germany


Me favorite graduate of 2015….well I might be a tad bit biased as he is my oldest son. I still cannot believe that he is graduating High School! Where did the time go? In a blink of an eye he is getting ready to pack his bag and head to Auburn in the Fall. I wish him the best of luck as I know that he will kick butt and take names:) You will go far in life with that positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Love you forever son!!!

The {T} Children | Ramstein Germany


I just love these kiddos….and I was super excited to do this photo session. This hidden spot was the perfect location to set up and shoot.