The {D} Family | Landstuhl Castle | Germany


I meet this great family on a beautiful morning and headed up to Landstuhl castle for a great photo session.  I enjoyed getting to know them and creating memories for them to remember their time here in Germany.

Mr. {C} Graduate of RHS 2015 | Ramstein Germany


Me favorite graduate of 2015….well I might be a tad bit biased as he is my oldest son. I still cannot believe that he is graduating High School! Where did the time go? In a blink of an eye he is getting ready to pack his bag and head to Auburn in the Fall. I wish him the best of luck as I know that he will kick butt and take names:) You will go far in life with that positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Love you forever son!!!

The {T} Children | Ramstein Germany


I just love these kiddos….and I was super excited to do this photo session. This hidden spot was the perfect location to set up and shoot.

{H} German Family Session


What a view right!!! What a way to capture the end of their time spent in Germany but to have a photo session in the gorgeous yellow rapeseed fields, throw on that Dirndl and Leiderhosen with a gorgeous baby in tow…..instant Sound of Music feeling.  I was truly blessed to meet and grow a friendship with this family over the last few years and will miss them when we part ways. The military brings people in and out of our lives but the blessings of knowing them and having their friendships all over the world is priceless.

It has been a pleasure to capture the memories for you all!!!

A Day Trip to Luxembourg City & Luxembourg American Cemetery

We took a day trip to Luxembourg City and the weather was absolutely gorgeous….which always makes a trip that much better:) The city itself is very nice and has lots of shopping and restaurants throughout. 


I think my kids favorite stop on this trip was at the Chocolate House.  You enter inside the restaurant to a whole wall of individual spoons with all sorts of flavored goodness on them. They had lactose free milk (score one for us) so we could partake on this treat also. Let me tell you, it was one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had!!

After our yummy treats and full bellies we headed to tour the city and take in the old wall section of town as well. There was a nice charm to this city, a simple peace that I enjoyed.

After we left the city we headed to the largest American cemetery in Europe to pay our respects to all the fallen soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom. General George Patton is among the soldiers buried here.